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One Source offers a variety of drug testing services through Alere eScreen. We continue to seek out additional services to better meet the needs of our clients. We are excited to introduce and offer xCup™.

The xCup™ allows you to electronically screen for 6 to 10 commonly abused prescription and illicit drugs. It provides you the immediacy of rapid, point-of-care drug screening with the consistency of an instrument read test. No more having to wait for results of negative tests at the lab. Reduce the risk of specimens lost in transit and quickly move your applicants through the drug testing process. If your drug testing parameters require you to test more than the 5 common drugs of abuse, this new service will be helpful to you. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.


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Ashley Azar
Ashley Azar

With over 8 years in the background screening industry, Ashley works with high level One Source clients to meet their specific needs and expectations. Having worked in several different departments, Ashley has vast experience in all of the services that One Source offers. This experience helps ensure clients are meeting their hiring and retention needs. With each association, the challenge of onboarding and policy excites Ashley.

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