Frequently Asked: How to Handle a Minor Applicant?

Can you run a background check on a minor? Do you need parental consent? The answer to both is yes. However, there are many factors that play into this topic involving best practices. It is largely dependent on the location of where you are and the type of background check you are running.

Parental Consent

Though the actual age may vary from state to state, the requirement for a parent or legal guardian's consent of a minor remains constant. This is due to the fact most states have ruled minors incapable of understanding the extent to which they are giving consent. Since background checks on minors are less common, employers often overlook the extra requirements for screening them. One Source recommends employers use a parental consent form for all applicants deemed a minor. Employers who hire minors must be aware of the adjustments necessary for pre-employment screening policies and procedures.  Without this consent, organizations could unintentionally be breaking the law.


First and foremost, if an adult is required to submit to a background check for your organization, then so must a minor. An issue employers frequently run into in doing so is the lack of accessible information. Despite a possible criminal past as a minor, records of a juvenile are hard to report on. Often nonexistent. Nonetheless this screening must be done. If left with no accessible records of a minor, you may be able to gain some insight through social media searches. Want to learn more about compliant social media searches? Look back at our May Product Feature or Contact us today.


This form is available following the link below as well as in the document library in BackChecked. 


*Please note: One Source is unable to provide legal advice of any kind. Please check with an attorney to discuss further.

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