employment Verifications are critical to
the hiring process


One Source finds employment checks are critical to the hiring process and The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) agrees. SHRM’s article states that “studies suggest up to 40 percent of resumes have material falsifications”.

One Source believes clients should be equipped with accurate information to make informed decisions. If the candidate’s resume shows they have longevity at a job, that is a quality. However, if that longevity is false, then it isn’t worth a lot. One Source supports employment verifications so clients are provided with verified information.

  1. One Source will research for a valid phone number to the company instead of just using the phone number provided by the candidate (who knows what phone number they might give… a friend or is it really HR?).
  2. After locating a valid number for the company, One Source confirms the person's authority to complete the employment verification.
  3. The information is then asked for and not presented to the individual (so they can't just say ‘yes, that sounds right’).

By following these steps, One Source ensures to get valid information from the employer. This allows you to have accurate information when deciding to hire one candidate over another.

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