2nd Quarter 2018 One Source Certified Contractor Report


What is The OSCC Program?

The One Source Certified Contractors (OSCC) program is a rigorous and comprehensive screening of visiting contractors for site access to a client’s property. One Source The Background Check Company performs the adjudication of each OSCC applicant. If charges or convictions are present of misdemeanors and/or felony crimes, the applicant has failed and can be refused site access at participating OSCC sites. Charges can include but are not limited to weapons, drugs, theft, violence and sexually based offenses or listed as a registered sex offender.

The OSCC program is not a “pre-employment” background screening. Should an applicant fail the OSCC background screening, the applicant can still be gainfully employed with their employer. It simply means they are not able to gain access to participating sites.

Yikes! Facts you should know.

One Source knows many contractors do not run complete background checks on their workers. To make sure a comprehensive background check is conducted, One Source researches thoroughly to include convictions and pending charges in searches. Every quarter, One Source runs a report on the results of the program. Many find the information to be a mixture of startling yet relieving results of the program at work.

  • Of all the applicants screened, 7% did not pass our One Source Certified Contractors background check.
  • 6 applicants of the 7% screened in quarter two of 2018 have had sexually based offenses in the last 5 years.
  • 33 employees/subcontractors have convictions in multiple categories.

Take a look at the OSCC 2nd quarter report to learn more about what the program is doing for participating sites.

Download the OSCC 2nd Quarter Report

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