Court Delay for San Diego County, California

San Diego County is the third largest court jurisdiction in California. San Diego County courts are currently experiencing extreme delays in the background screening industry. The current industry turnaround time for standard results (reports with no criminal record) is approximately 4 or more business days. The current industry turnaround time for case detailed reports is approximately 16 or more business days. Turnaround times are estimated and cannot be guaranteed. 

What is causing the delay?

San Diego County does not have a public accessible misdemeanor index. One Source researchers request documentation from the courts in-person; with an imposed five case limit per visit. There is no estimated arrival time on when a misdemeanor index will be available to the public; however, One Source researchers work diligently to receive all reports in a timely manner. One Source appreciates our client's patience and understanding to obtain the most accurate and updated results for each applicant. One Source is devoted to empowering our clients to make the best hiring decision for their organization. 

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