Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (NE DHHS) online portal is now active.

One Source client’s must complete the following steps to complete a Nebraska Adult and/or Child Abuse Registry check:


Step One: When entering a background check request with One Source, make sure to select the Nebraska Adult and/or Child Abuse Registry services. This step must be completed to receive applicant results on your One Source report.

Step Two: Provide the applicant with the customized One Source NE DHHS Link.


Applicant Directions:

Step One: Only use the One Source customize NE DHHS Link. DO NOT click register account. Begin check by providing your email and creating a pin.



Step Two: Applicants will receive an email confirming their pin has been set. Applicants email and pin number will grant access to save progress, submit registry and check status at any point in time.  



Step Three: Enter personal information. (See next page)



Step Four: Select verification method. No additional charges will apply to applicants who select online verification. The One Source customized link will omit online payment section.



Step Five:

(A) Online Verification: Applicants will be asked a series of personal questions to verify their identity.

Sample Question


(B) Upload Notarized Document: Applicant must upload notarized release form.

Minors under the age of 19 cannot verify their identity online. A parent or guardian must upload a notarized form.



Step Six: Applicants will submit their order



Step Seven: Applicants will receive notification the check was complete.



This completes the applicants required steps. All Nebraska Adult and/or Child Abuse registries must be complete using the online portal. No paper release forms will be accepted by Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. The applicant must enter their information on the online portal. Filling in the information for the applicant is falsifying consent and identity.

NE DHHS Online Portal Benefits:

  • The online portal eliminates the need to correct illegible forms or forms with missing information.
  • Applicants can verify their identity online.
  • Applicants can track the progress of their request and view the final status.

What if my applicant cannot verify their identity?

If an applicant cannot verify their identity online using the NE DHHS portal, the applicant must upload a notarized release form. One Source proudly assists our clients with notaries at our office location.

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