One Source offers Fingerprinting through SureID

One Source’s new partner SureID provides fingerprint services, and is one of thirteen FBI Channelers in the US.

SureID will be our national partner for fingerprint collection and FBI processing, allowing us to offer fingerprint services for any federal statute allowed permissible purpose (state fingerprinting is not initially offered by SureID, but they will be getting their equipment state certified over time). SureId has a national partnership with The UPS Stores, and is establishing a nationwide network of SureID Registration Stations that are capable of biometrics collection at UPS Stores across the country.  

Click For A Map Of Curent Locations

The primary target for federal FBI fingerprinting include Banks and Insurance Companies (who are federally authorized to run FBI fingerprint checks on all employees, and are mandated to run FBI fingerprint checks for all onboarded employees who do any work related investments and trading of financial securities and must be licensed through FINRA).  Other federal targets include flight training/aviation industry and pilot licenses, federal employees, Section 8 / Public housing assistance, and several others.

One Source will have access to an Opportunity Registration portal, and it will be important for us to register sales opportunities with SureID by filling out this form.  The SureID Partner team will follow up and help us onboard you as a dual client and get engaged in your fingerprinting requirements.

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